About us

PALAM is a not-for-profit organization in the country working since 2004, well known in Tamilnadu, India, for its commitment to work with marginalized sections of the society and empower them to attain dignified quality life. Over the last ten years, PALAM has been working relentlessly to bring about qualitative behavioral change and impact on basic life of over fifty thousand people. Its bottom-up approach of inclusive development has changed basic needs and status of many poor and has led the path in sustainable development. Under various programs, many poor have benefitted including of around 200 women through women empowerment program (Tailoring), 1000 villagers through environmental interventions and 500 families through family and community counseling programs. Apart from this, PALAM has a full-fledged Skill Upgradation Program which has converted hundreds of youth into skilled and productive members of society through Computer and other self employed training and workshops.

PALAM had been worked effectively in national disasters such as Tsunami in 2004. There were 92 houses, 64 temporary shelters and

15 temporary community centres have been constructed in Nagapattinam District in Tamilnadu.   Our organization has also been worked in another disaster NISHA cyclone flood in Tamilnadu. We are being conducted shelf employment awareness programmes in various villages and we are being encouraged the people to start self supporting groups in their villages. We have effectively involved in “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD” Programmes in various districts in Tamilnadu. We are keen to organize various empowerment and entrepreneurship programmes and workshops in Tamilnadu.

Legal Status

1) Registered as a Indian public charitable Trust act - Reg No: 03/ 2006, Date: 03-01-2006

2) Tax Relaxation 12AA, Regd .Under Income Tax department. Govt. of India

3) Regd under Ministry of Home affairs Govt. of INDIA, foreign contribution -Regulation act (FCRA) No: 076070014.

4) Planning commission Govt. of India Regd No: TN/2009/0008432

5) National social Welfare board-New Delhi Regd No: 3320794752008

6) Permanent Account No( PAN):  AABTP3018J

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To challenge the socio economic inequalities and enable the vulnerable sections of society towards the goal of self Supporting & Development activities without among any kind of discrimination of religion, colour, gender, race and etc.,

Our Mission

To carve and empower the power of children, youth, women and people at large to combat illiteracy, ignorance and Gender discrimination with an ultimate aim of crime prevention and development