GREEN VILLAGES- GREEN DISTRICTS- Preparedness and information centers in Delta Districts of Tamilnadu.
A large level Tailoring and Entrepreneurship Training

  • To promote Income generation programme (IGP) among the rural poor women to eradicate the poverty.
  • Set up a Relief Centers for the Natural Disaster in Cauvery Delta Districts in Tamilnadu.
  • Construction of free toilets in the rural area.
  • Traditional paddy cultivation programme through ORGANIC FARMING
  • Formation of Agriculture. Research centre. (Vocational training programme)
  • Natural Disaster relief and rehabilitation work and to  guide the people to protect them from the global warming and climate
    Change and to enhance awareness of environment, Tree planting, Horticulture and Bio-Diversity Conservation.
  • To improve the living status of poor people by self support and Skill Development.
  • To educate every children to minimum of Primary and Higher Secondary Level
  • To Improve Agriculture practices with professional/Technical expert guidance’s
  • To enhance the Awareness on STD, TB and HIV among Youth adolescent..
  • To Promote awareness about organic farming and sustainable Agricultural and farmers.
  • To form and facilitate women development skill development centre.
  • To empower suitable well being of the rural poor women and to Promote Health program for women and Children.
  • To facilitate housing for the House less people in our area.
  • To arrange Micro Credit for restoration of Livelihood.
  • To create the IGP- activities to raise the rural women standard of living and socio-Economic level/ status

Supporting Organizations

  • Government of Tamilnadu- ICDS Department
  • Oil And Natural Gas Corporation Ltd- ONGC
  • India Foundation For The Arts-Bangalore
  • GOONJ - New Delhi
  • Ministry of Environment and Forests. Govt.of India-New Delhi
  • AREDS- Tamilnadu