a) Protection of water resources
b) Protection of Agriculture lands.
c) Horticulturev
d) Safe food Awareness programme
e) Sanitization and safe water awareness programmes.
f) VTP – Trainings to the differently attend person of Thiruvarur – District.

Training on organic farming and solid waste management with vermin compost in Thiruthuraipoondi Municiapal area. By using vegetable and fruits wastage. We are producing vermicompost in low cost.We are providing vermicompost in low coat to the horticulture vegetable cultivators and producers
Canals, ponds and streets were cleaned and maintained for the public use.

There are 22 ponds, 20 kms canals and 52 street roads have been cleaned in Thiruthuraipoondi – Tk, Thiruvarur District, Tamilnadu.

Climate change awareness programme to the college students and village panchayat presidents in Thiruthuraipoondi block.